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It is widely recognised in the business community that a knowledge of foreign languages is crucial to the international competitiveness of business.  At individual business level, however, there is often a skills gap in this area, putting employers and employees without foreign language competence at a disadvantage.

Since becoming self-employed in 2003, part of my teaching has been conducted in the business sector, running tailor-made courses for individuals and small groups from beginner to advanced levels.  I have delivered language training in both French and Spanish at various levels in companies such as Michelin, Solvay and BNFL.

Having followed a course of language training, students report increased confidence in dealing with non English-speaking colleagues and prospective customers, both in the workplace and in social settings, leading to better and more profitable relationships and ease of communication.

Language training for businesses normally takes place at the company's premises, but online tuition is also offered. Fees vary according to group sizes, company location and the type of training required; please contact me for a quotation.

I also offer a translation service. This is charged at £0.10 per word from French/Spanish into English and £0.12 per word from English into French/Spanish with a minimum charge of £25. Translated work is returned to the customer as a typed Word document.

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